Ideas of Me

“Only an arrogant man will claim to be independent of everybody else and self-contained.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It is impossible to walk through life and learn as a hermit. Life is about interaction, about bumping around and learning from those bruises and cuts. Meaning in life comes from minds talking about it.

Therefore, it is impossible to be self-contained.

Many successful individuals, no matter their field, career or accomplishments, have the most unique, far ranging lives of varied experience, hardship and down-right quirky happenings on the road to their achievements. They seem to have combined groups of academic departments into a heady brush of exciting and colorful insight.

It simply proves that paradigm and convention only continue to reinforce static ideas, whereas diversity makes them evolve. It’s a difficult place, between the hard earned knowledge obtained in the past and moving forward to new and uncertain paths. It’s difficult to honor it and then change, too. It’s difficult to change those glasses.

A great belief of mine is if a person is so specifically educated,designed to problem solve within the guidelines of a particularparadigm, they will find themselves stuck in a ‘groove,’ and those sostuck find it difficult to adapt to change. I want to adapt to the ever evolvinglife of reality and meaning, so, naturally, I’m not inclined toreadily follow paradigms.

The world, instead of having meaning, will just overwhelm you and make you flounder if you do not have a solid sense of, “Me.” Of course, “Me,” changes also, and my simple Philosophy begins with simply allowing, “Me,” to grow, and feeding that individual with all that it finds interesting as it goes along, bumping and gliding and spitting through life. In this way, one tends to make connections, sift through the falsely stoic and unchanging sands and find the gems of combined understanding.

It takes courage to go, “You know what, I messed up. I was wrong.”It takes courage to let each learning experience, each bit of knowledge of the world gained, have an influence on the Me you are becoming. You must be honest about the changes in you, for the need of yourself is happiness. Stuck in a groove, not changing oneself only to give praise to other’s insights, or to make other’s think you are different than what you are, is not loving change, but prostitution of your very Me.

It begins with honesty, setting the course to learn, in whatever way society has at the moment got things set up. Go in, see what they have to say, but remember to listen to what Me is mumbling beneath all the discourse, lectures and absolutes being placed before you.

Then, go out into the world, test them out, going from the, “What if. . .” your open child-like self mumbled at you during those exams,and see if it’s truly possible in the world. Then return, and change it up.

This is why holistic learning is my favored educational methodology. I’ve always connected this and that, my little Me always wondering why, and I listened. I want learning that is about the world, not some bubble, elitist and independent. To have a department, and let it sift through a narrow minded lens of superiority what it thinks is relevant,is not my philosophy. I don’t feel that’s education at all, but simply information gathering, regurgitation and bubble building. It will explode.

Me, and the world, are a team, and honoring both at the same time is the way to go. Honoring Me helps me listen to what I want to know, and honoring the world helps me figure out how to be involved in it with my abilities. I refuse to be saddled with expectations my Me has deemed, through living trial and error, are not part of myself. Knowing my boundaries enables others in the collective world to honor their Me and fill that gap of ability with competence.

Perhaps our abilities aid us in finding niches and grooves, talents determined by the happiness in Me. Truthfully, I say this, find your place, but remember how all places are symbiotic to one another.Stoic academia has necessary niches, but often forgets about all those other grooves of insight that are necessary for their happy boxes to exist.

With a wandering curiosity, and a flamboyant inability to hang out for long, I feel I’ll more quickly find my abilities and happiness, much resolute and more sure footed, by being open and free. If I stick to the groove of dismal unchange, I will only create a simpering huff of frustration out of my transcendent Me.

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