One Autism is not All Autism

My Fellow Autistic’s Relatable Frustration

Indeed. Often, those of us seeming able to blend into society’s general behavioral expectations are left behind in regard to support for our Autism.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I had the difficulty of autism not being thought to affect females combined with an intelligence quotient that enabled me good grades in school regardless of my behavioral difficulties or how many meltdowns I had.

To most good grades = doing great!

Such a lie.

To equate one area of excellence to a general state of being is lazy. What we think is a barometer for the kids are alright is often denial shrouded as there’s no problem, here.

An Autistic’s seeming behavioral excellence in social situations is testament to the hard work and sacrifice the Autistic has put in to conform to society’s expectations.

And, yes, just because we succeed at expectations most of the time does not mean we have achieved social mastery and cured ourselves.

Environment impacts, our sensitivity real. Our grace within cacophony is not evidence of being neurotypical, but instead is remark of our strength and resilience.

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