Existential Advocate: Impact

Contemplation is given by privilege, at leisure to bandy worry, mull discontents, with a surety that insights might bring change. Contemplation within oppression has the unfortunate potential eventuality to be wasted energy, hence subsistence, basic hand to mouth, step by step is aided little by intellectualizing circumstances.

But, feel such, oh yes, inequity comes in rages of tears, screams and substance abuses, very little thought needed to the whys and hows, and changes to be made, just the terror of effect. Privilege allows those of us who have it to see a bigger picture, and, too, to neglect its effects. To think and mull, we’ve been given food and shoes for our steps.

But to think and mull, and do not, sitting contentedly in our garden parks, environmentally controlled homes, vegan, preservative free diets, recycling programs and small niche businesses for our apparel, is where living with privilege, above hand to mouth, allows us to choose.

Privilege allows to choose health, choose ecologically friendly, choose sustainable, choose ethical. Oppression gives no choices to contribute to a greater world, no safety for contemplation, no food for thought, therefore, no participation in world changes.

To we privileged who can choose to contemplate, we have many causes. Yet, the greatest cause should be equity, for equity expands a world more to thought, to choice, participation, to partnership. Till such a time, contemplative folks and privilege had merely bandy words and trade dull violins of single notes, for there is no harmony in singularity.

Remember, privilege unchecked is bigotry fomented. Yet, we can assuage projected fears and pull them back by courageous marches where we refuse to be silent.

Via our turbulence we shall inoculate inequity; but we must persist. Do not lie fallow; engage!

Become informed, vote equality. Persist in not allowing aggressive word and hateful action. Daily, be courageous in living your truth as you affirm others authenticity.

Judge only when judgement is forced upon you.

Be Brave. Rise.

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