Aught Coyhis: Minority to Majority, A Beginning

The oppressed have learned in horror and, as such, are more acutely aware of hypocrisy.

To rise, we must not foment hatred in fearing relapse. We must not become that over which we were victorious.

As Austitic, as Queer, combined, I’m in a small corner alone, entrusting to a world my humble need for clarity and honor.

In so asking I must be clear, I must be honorable, for to be otherwise would be hypocrisy.

In making clarity, honesty, kindness, and honor majority we cannot play victim nor fall to boundary-less whim. I cannot envision you deduce via small words and implied deeds my needs, nor I, yours.

To make clarity and kindness majority, normal, we must be thus. We cannot scream and rage for clarity and kindness, we must be as clear and kind in the building of such as we require in outcome.

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